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Naadáá', Selu, Mandamin, Onatah, Centeōtl…

Whatever you may call it, it powers the world.

Corn, a member of the grass family, was first domesticated about 10,000 years ago by Native peoples in what is now modern-day Mexico. Since then, trade allowed Natives to create a huge plethora of corn species that they adapted to their geographic environment. As the most important crop in the United States and a staple food around the world, this crop is much more than meets the mouth. 

Corn is central to many Native American cultures. Our people quickly recognized this plant’s amazing ability to provide. No part of the plant was wasted, as it served not only as a source of nutrition, but was also used for spiritual, functional, and practical purposes.

Today, corn continues to bless and provide for the world. This is evident by the two largest economies also being the largest producers of this crop.

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